In-Home Teachings

First, you will learn together the science of your fertility in a 2-hour session out of a teacher-couple's home.

Track Your Cycles

With your new understanding, you will then track your first cycle, create your first chart and review this with your teacher couple.

Happily Married

It's not always easy, but always worth it. We are here to support you through the rest of your marriage (on matters of fertility of course!)


Living Authentic Intimacy

Natural Family Planning

Starting a family is one of the most rewarding adventures for a couple. Whether you’ve just gotten engaged and are doing research, are wanting to space out your kids, or maybe you're trying for your first “mini-me”, Serena can help! With Serena's Sympto-Thermal Method, you can avoid or achieve pregnancy all while living a life of authentic intimacy.

Stronger marriages and families

Serena emphasizes a team approach to understanding fertility. Working together as a team strengthens your communication as a couple while making way for more authentic intimacy. Read more

Scientific, medically sound and effective

Serena is backed by research and data, medical professionals and organizations. Our system is proven effective for both achieving and avoiding pregnancy. Read more

Applicable in all situations

Serena works for both regular or irregular cycles, whether fertile or sub-fertile. Our system helps to achieve or avoid pregnancy after childbirth, after miscarriage, and approaching menopause.

What people are saying about NFP

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Boiled down, this is what we have to say about NFP: It is beautiful. It is good. It has made our marriage better - and continues to.

Jen Stefan Testimonial
Jen & Stefan

Abbotsford, BC

We just got married and at first it was scary trusting in NFP. Now that we've seen it work, we've grown to love its intentionality and integrity. It has also helped us be more open to life and with each other.

Carmen and Pierre

Fort Langley, BC

As a non-Catholic, I had some serious doubts about the effectiveness of NFP. I have since been incredibly reassured by a newfound understanding of my wife's fertility.

Hazelle and Luke

Abbotsford, BC