Are there real husbands and wives who use NFP and thrive? 

You bet! Here's a collection of stories from couples who honestly share how NFP has impacted their lives. While most of our stories are from Serena and Sympto-Thermal Method users, we also have a few contributions from friends using other NFP methods. To know what living authentic intimacy actually looks like, read on!

“Honestly, NFP hasn't necessarily made our life easier, but it challenges us in the ways that we WANT to be challenged.”

Read Jen and Stefan’s Story

“We were so pleased with how easily NFP allowed us to conceive.”

Read Olivia and Andrew’s Story

“NFP has helped us learn that marriage isn’t about what is best for me; rather, it’s about what is best for us.”

Read Emily and Rhys’ Story

“We were so easily able to talk about all aspects of fertility and intimacy.”

Read Mary Alice’s Story

“We truly believe that NFP saved us from so much stress and heartache.”

Read Agi and Laslo’s Story

“We were looking for a holistic way to manage our fertility, but we got a lot more in return from Serena and NFP.”

Read Jackie & Tyler’s Story

“As planners, we've appreciated the control and reliability of NFP - we aren’t just 'winging it'. ”

Read Hannah and Marcus’ Story