Agi and Laslo's Story

When we got married, we still needed to finish our degrees and finish renovating our first home, so we wanted to delay having children for a few years. After researching different NFP methods available, we decided on the Sympto-Thermal Method for being able to rely on multiple signs and symptoms of fertility which offered us greater confidence and reassurance in using the method effectively.

When we wanted to start a family, it was the regular charting of the basal body temperature that confirmed our first conception (20 consecutive high temperature confirms conception). Being very excited, Agi immediately went to a walk-in clinic to confirm with a pregnancy test, but the test came back negative. The doctors at the clinic told us that she was just experiencing an irregular cycle and didn’t understand our concerns. Having used NFP for a few years, she knew her body and cycles well and was certain that something was really wrong. Her basal body temperature pattern told us that we had conceived while the standard urine test didn’t.

Dissatisfied, we pursued the issue with our family doctor and blood tests confirmed that we had indeed conceived. However, only a few days later, we miscarried at just six weeks. We conceived two more times and each time we miscarried at about six-seven weeks. On further investigation we ultimately found that an autoimmune disorder was causing the formation of blood clots in her body that resulted in the miscarriages. Thankfully, the condition was easy to treat by taking a baby aspirin daily which allowed us to carry to term the next pregnancy.

Without using NFP and charting the basal body temperature we could have been trying to conceive for years, repeatedly being told, “you have irregular cycles”. Who knows how many miscarriages we would have had or where we would be today? We truly believe that NFP saved us from so much stress and heartache. NFP also enabled us to talk about things at a deeper level, take responsibility for our fertility together, and develop a profound sense of respect for each other. We would definitely recommend Serena and the STM to any couple.

Agi and Laslo. Married 14 years. 4 children and 3 miscarriages.