Emily and Rhys's Story

Emily: When we first discussed practicing NFP, Rhys hadn’t heard very much about it and was confused as to why it was necessary. Through studying and discussing with couples we respected, Rhys and I came to understand the holistic and natural benefits of NFP. At first I was really nervous about how complicated it seemed. Some of our friends (who knew nothing about NFP) laughed at us and told us that we were crazy; but once we actually learned about it, we realized how amazingly scientific and reliable it is. It was also no where near as difficult to read my body signs as I thought it would be. It was actually comforting how well I knew what my body was telling me! Now, we have so much confidence and faith in the method we've chosen. 

One of the things I appreciate the most about NFP is knowing that Rhys and I are on the same page and that he isn’t putting all the pressure on me to make sure we do or don’t conceive. When I am with my other married friends and they talk about how much weight they’ve gained on the Pill or the awful contraptions they put in their bodies, I am always so thankful for NFP. We are both being held responsible and that makes us both on the same team. By being conscious about my fertility, it has made us aware of our ability to create life.

Rhys: Practicing NFP helps you to realize that being intimate with each other is just one part of marriage. It has allowed for us to work on other things, like communication, because intimacy can't always just smooth things over. We’ve learned that in marriage, like in life, it is important to exercise self control and we feel this has allowed us to grow in greater respect for one another. Ultimately, it has helped us learn that marriage isn’t about what is best for me; rather, it’s about what is best for us. We are able to ask each other the important questions: When do we want to have kids? What are our goals as a couple? Knowing that we need to be on the same page, we are more intentional about our conversations.

Emily & Rhys. Married 0.5 years, 0 children.