Hannah and Marcus's Story

We started using a different NFP method but after being approached by another teacher-couple, we decided to learn Serena in the hopes of teaching it together. We appreciated how all encompassing the STM was by allowing us to track our fertility using three variables. This provides us with the confidence and reassurance of where Hannah is in her cycle, especially postpartum.

As planners, we have appreciated the control and reliability of NFP in planning our family - we aren’t just “winging it”. We are following a method that makes sense and works. In our pursuit of a natural lifestyle, NFP did not require unnatural substances, supplements, chemicals, or devices. We also appreciate that NFP corresponds with the Church’s teachings on marriage, sexuality, human dignity, and openness to life. We never feel that family planning is one or the other’s responsibility alone. We are definitely in this together.

We are practicing NFP simply because we tried it. Had we not given it a shot, we still wouldn’t know how amazing it would be. It was the best decision we could ever have made for our marriage and family.

Hannah & Marcus. Married 2 years. 1 child.