Jackie & Tyler's Story

We were looking for a holistic way to manage our fertility, but we got a lot more in return from Serena and Natural Family Planning.

As a Registered Nurse I was very drawn to the science behind the Sympto-Thermal Method when we took the basic course when we were first married. Tyler really liked that NFP enhances communication in marriage and is open to life.

When we were first using the STM we had both started our Masters Degrees. I was working to complete my Masters of Science in Nursing and Tyler was earning his Masters of Arts Degree. NFP worked well for us and we really appreciated being able to know my body’s natural fertility cycle.

We’re both very passionate about raising awareness of the science behind the STM, so much so that for my final learning project for my Masters Degree, I detailed why nursing schools should incorporate NFP into their undergraduate programs. It is a natural fit given the holistic nature of both NFP and nursing. Not only is the STM highly effective, it also fits nicely culturally with a lot of different beliefs.

Knowing how to interpret my body’s signs of fertility helped us achieve pregnancy when we were ready to start a family. We were also able to space the births of our two children.

The STM works well for us and we’re glad we learned NFP years before we had children. Even through the post-partum period after the birth of our first child, we had four years of experience knowing what was normal for my body. This gave us confidence to know how to recognize the return of fertility after childbirth.

Jackie & Tyler. Married 6 years. 2 children.