What We Do

/NFP Perks

Serena’s “team approach” to fertility can strengthen your marriage and bring your family closer together. Serena...

  • enhances communication. 
  • fosters respect between husband and wife.
  • educates couples about their bodies and their design.
  • cultivates a culture of transparency, vulnerability and trust.
  • unifies a couple in more authentic intimacy.

Serena is safe for you and your environment! The Sympto-Thermal Method...

  • poses no health risks for mother, father, and child.
  • considers the emotional and psychological well-being of husband and wife.
  • is reversible -- each month, you and your spouse can make family decisions accordingly (some methods, like a vasectomy or a tubal ligation, are irreversible). 
  • poses no risks to the environment.

Serena is applicable in all situations. Whether you...

  • have regular or irregular cycles.
  • are fertile or sub-fertile.
  • are trying to avoid or achieve pregnancy (before children or between children).
  • have had children already or have had a miscarriage.
  • are in your pre-menopausal stage.